Nairobi, the once-famous “city on the sun” is indisposed and gradually crippling under the clemency of thugs who have plainly taken over the central business district (CBD).

In the past few days, Nairobians have been going through shock in the hands of daytime thugs, hell-bent on killing to steal.Walking through the paths ways of Nairobi is becoming a perilous gamble where only the toughest survive.

If you are walking or driving within Nairobi, here are the top perilous areas, which you should either duck or be watchful:


as crowded as it might be, the National Archives is a risk zone. Youths in their hundreds have been congregating here to mug unsuspecting Kenyans.

What is more appalling is that the young men and women are beating up and injuring their helpless victims before robbing them of anything valuable in broad daylight. If you think the members of the public in this area will aid you, you are misguided.

They will delay until the muggers are at a far distance before approaching you with questions of whether you have been “mugged”.

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that green edifice is a no-go area. There are youths at that vicinity who will rob you of anything including footwear. Do not approach this place wearing any expensive accessories or wear.


this is actually the hub of thugs in Nairobi. This bus park has almost every thief in Nairobi; from pick-pocketers to those stealing luggage from travelers. In this area, Goons rob without fright and they will push you into any bus they feel like.


avoid Khoja particularly at that roundabout where matatus are parked. If you have your costly device, conceal it while at Koja for you never know who might be trailing you.


along this stretch, you have to walk like a “person on a mission” for all those individuals you see along this road, 45 percent of them are thugs.

We hope as you go about your business in the city center, you keep a vigilant eye coz you never know who is eyeing you. Have a safe day.