• Requirements

    Requirements and Operation On engagement, our guards work 12hrs shift ( day and night shift. The day guard must hand over officially to the night guard and vice versa. A daily occurrence must be entered in daily occurrences book which the company provides. All cars entering or leaving must be screened and recorded and inspected by the supervisor once or twice daily A new guard must be engaged in at least two weeks training before being posted. Must qualify as:- K.C.S.E Certificate Certificate of good conduct t or clearance certificate from police Fluent in English, Kiswahili or State National language Ability to write (good writing) and express his/herself At least one year experience from previous security employer ...

  • Current Vacancies

    Tata Security Group and its companies have developed a solid reputation for quality service delivery through our dedication to ensuring that our personnel are adequately skilled and motivated. It is important to us to attract and retain the highest calibre of staff available and we do so by offering clear paths to career progression and a range of benefits and training above the industry average. All our security personnel receive excellent and accurate pay that can be paid either weekly or monthly. As a leading provider of security services we are able to offer a wide range of challenging assignments for security officers, CCTV operators, mobile relief officers, security supervisors and event stewards