As we all strive to get our life back to normal, daily movement has become a part of life, once again. But still, the threat of the pandemic is out there. therefore, we all need to be extra careful during traveling. Being scared is not an option but being more cautious should be a way of life henceforth.

1.Travel only when it is essential.

Well, the definition of essential may change from person to person, try to avoid traveling as much as possible. When there is a need, check if you can travel during the non-peak hours to avoid the rush.

2.Be considerate.

Pandemic has been an unprecedented event and we all are fighting to cope up with it. Be considerate towards the person next to you. Always be kind and patient since you never know what situation the other person might under.

3.Commuting through privately hired cars.

If you are commuting through a rented car you will be in close contact with the driver in an enclosed place. Please respect your health as well as the person driving. Always maintain the cleanliness of the car and sanitize it as possible.

4.Authorities at public places.

The guards, police, county council, and all types of staff present at the public places are working round the clock to make our life easier and safer. They are putting their lives at risk by being present in the most vulnerable places.

5.Cover your face with an appropriate face cover.

Not just because it is a must but because it is the simplest and very efficient way to protect yourself and others.

6.As you go Sanitize.

Do not forget to sanitize your bags, shoes, and mobile phones once you reach home. Do use sanitizers before and after the travel.

7.We all need some space.

Whether it is the seating during the commute, queues at the lines, or waiting at the station. Keep an appropriate amount of distance 1.5 m between the next person and yourself. Do follow and listen to the instructions given by them and respect their space as well.


We at Tata Security Group provide exceptional services to protect premises and personnel even during these hard times.

To ensure people are following the rules, the security guards can be available, while entering a particular premise such as hotels, restaurants, stores, malls.

In letting people know that they need to obey the rules they are well trained in a firm the respectable way.